Get the Right Team to Achieve Your Dreams

As the old saying goes, there’s no I in team. No matter what goal you may want to reach or dream you want to fulfill, you need to have the right team in place. And team members aren’t just the people you work with. A team member is anyone who helps you manage your life. You already have a team of people you use and you don’t even realize it. You have people whom you trust with your money, your belongings, your health and your time. These people make up your “life” team.

Your employees and co-workers are part of your team but so is your doctor, personal trainer or nutritionist who helps you stay healthy. A tutor or babysitter who helps manage and educate your kids is a part of your team. If you have a CPA do your taxes, he or she is part of your team. Even your dry cleaner, who helps keep your business ensembles looking nice, is a part of your team. A team member can even be a person who posts a helpful blog article or YouTube video. (Count me as part of your team!) Anyone who helps increase the quality of your life is—you guessed it—a part of your team.

A few years ago, I decided I was going to learn computer programming. I spent a year taking online courses from a reputable company but also found free courses on YouTube from guys who knew their stuff. I essentially assembled my own team to learn a programming language called Javascript. They may not have known it, but they helped me achieve my goal.

Teamwork multiplies success

But how do you find the right team? It all starts with quality, which mainly comes down to knowledge and experience. Let’s take the example of investing in the stock market: You may have a relative who has lots of theories on it but who has never actually successfully and consistently invested in the stock market. This person should not be a part of your team–at least when it comes to investing. The people on your team should be those who have the background to give you quality help. For example, if you have a mutual fund, you’ll want to check out the performance of the fund manager. Fund managers vary greatly in their success rate. You want the guy or gal who has a history of high returns. Otherwise, your investment portfolio could grow at a significantly lower rate than it would with a fund manager with a great track record. For other professional roles, such as a CPA, look online for good reviews.

If you’re going to be dealing with someone in person, then the right personality can matter, too—depending on the role they play in your life. You don’t want to deal with an employee, business partner or co-worker who is good at their job but so negative, it mentally drains you. The same goes for anyone else you deal with on a regular basis such as an instructor, organizer or—dare I say—even a spouse.

It’s like when you’re dining in a nice restaurant. You expect the waiter or waitress to deliver your food in a timely manner and with a smile on their face. Expect the same kind of standards from the other people who help you manage your life. Find the right dentist, cleaner, pet sitter, tutor etc. When they screw up or give you crummy results, it can cost you time, money and even your health—and those, in turn, become obstacles on your path to success.

When it comes to your work and life, hiring the right people who have both the skills and the right attitude will make a difference in the long run. Whether it’s the person who cleans your place while you’re out conquering the world or the party planner who organizes an office event, finding quality team members in all areas of your life will help you on your journey to fulfill your dreams:)

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